Bone Street Brawlers


In a new wave of  brawlers comes this fast paced 3D throwdown. The times may be new but not much has changed in the streets of Bone City. Fight as Colby, the multi-disciplined ambassador of urban combat, or Kendra, the legendary master metro warrior who “frankly could give 2 shits about your pain”. 


There are new found pressures from the champions of old world martial arts. The city must be protected from a growing ninja clan known as the “ICHI FANG”. Origin and motive unknown, these ninjas have undergone radical gene therapy to speed up mutations, while enduring strenuous forces. These evolving fighters will only become more furious as they face tougher rivals.  


Brawl your way through 5 levels as you infiltrate the criminal network and bring peace to the streets of Bone City. This will sharpen your skills for the ICHI FANG.



Available December 2018 On Steam Early Access